Minimal first-person shooter battle royale where you always win. Unfair to AI.


Game uses some assets from Wolfenstein 3D.


  • WASD — Movement
  • QA — Turn
  • Space — Shoot


  • Collision detection with Heron
  • Billboard (2D sprites in 3D world)
  • Enemy AI with BigBrain

Bevy Jam #1 Submission Details

DISCLAIMER: this project was started PRIOR to jam, with following aspects done beforehand:

  1. Loading maps and textures from Wolfenstein 3D
  2. Collisions with Heron

According to itch Rule 2 

Submissions must be made during the duration of the jam, explicitly for Bevy Jam. No submitting old work!

Though Rule 3 permits

You are allowed to reuse assets and code, provided what you build is novel.

Please consider these commits (pre Feb 25) complying with Rule 3

  • 028ceaa7850bb92418999c2734db51c064f525d4
  • e9684c12194aac2208d78c447fafc620e63df12e
  • 8120245ae75569e7346cd30a1579003a91ad3bbb
  • 0f8b1309dbf72de99f946a24941be75f94fc5daa

Further Work

After the jam this would be used as an OpenAI Gym Environment to train AI agents to play the game from raw pixels using DQN.

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